WATCH: Golden State Warriors' Klay Thompson Shows He's Ready To Play By Knocking Down 24 Straight Three-Pointers

The Golden State Warriors are a well-oiled machine right now as they sit atop the Western Conference at 28-7 and they're about to get a lot better. His name is Klay Thompson, and if netting 24-straight threes in practice doesn't scream "I'm ready for my long-awaited return, coach", we don't know what does. WATCH:

Some basketball fans will brush this off because Thompson rips jumpers in an open gym with no defense, however I'll explain why this matters. With a previously torn ACL and Achilles tear in back to back years, Klay Thompson didn't get many reps the past two years. And what's better for the Warriors is that the five-time All-Star is a spot up shooter that won't require much strain on his body -- oh look, exactly what he's doing to perfection on this video.

The NBA is in trouble if this guy creeps anywhere near his old form. If this video presents a sneak peak -- we're potentially looking at another title-winning team and a running mate to Steph Curry's MVP campaign.


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