Warriors' Warm-Ups Sabotaged By TD Garden Court Mishap; Fans Debate Between Coincidence or Conspiracy

The Golden State Warriors are down 33-22 in the first quarter of Game 3 against the Celtics.

Coincidence? Perhaps not.

As the Golden State Warriors were on the TD Garden hardwood to run through warmups Wednesday night, players noticed frequent misses during the routine drills.

Ninety minutes before the contest began, the Warriors asked for arena staff members to measure whether the rim was off on Golden State's end of the court.

Turns out the rim was propped up two inches higher than the standard height, sparking conspiracy theories on whether the Boston Celtics subtly sabotaged the Warriors' warmups ahead of the tie-breaking Game 3.

ESPN NBA reporter Kendra Andrews tweeted, "With a little over 90 minutes to tip off, one of the Warriors assistant coaches noticed that the rim seemed too high in early warmups. He brought a couple players out to confirm and they also believed the rim was too high. They measured and in fact the rim was 2 inches too high."

With Gilette Stadium only 30 minutes away, perhaps Boston received a tip on how to win the mental battle ... as only Bill Belichick could.

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