Unvaccinated Kyrie Irving Spotted At Barclays Despite Still Being Banned From Home Games

Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving has been forced to sit out 28 home games this season over being unvaccinated.

But on Saturday, the All-Star guard was seen in attendance for the Duke versus Virginia Tech ACC title game at the Barclays Center — once again showcasing the false standard that the New York and NBA are holding against Irving.

OutKick founder commented on Irving's appearance at Barclays and questioned the logic behind the ongoing COVID restrictions.

Clay tweeted:

"Kyrie Irving is courtside tonight for the Duke-Virginia Tech ACC title game. He is allowed to attend games as a fan in New York City, but not play in them based on covid policy in the city. #science"

"Kyrie Irving would also be able to play NBA games in New York City if he were on a team visiting New York City. But he can’t play for the Nets because he lives in NYC area. You can’t even make up the covid stupidity we are still living with two years after sports shut down," Clay added.

Kyrie appeared on Saturday to commemorate Coach K on his final run with the Blue Devils.

Despite New York City Mayor Eric Adams' lifting of the state's Key2NYC vaccine program, a private sector decree in NY still prohibits Kyrie from joining the team for home games.

The glaring loopholes remain as Kyrie is permitted to attend games as a spectator and visiting unvaccinated players are still allowed to play at Barclays.

Brooklyn's Friday night win over the Philadelphia 76ers, 129-100, was another showcase of the team's ultimate potential with Irving in the lineup. Irving helped elevate the team with 22 points, five rebounds and four assists.

The Nets have been on a recent slide of losses, notably at home where they hold a 13-18 record. Brooklyn is 21-15 in their away games and currently sits eighth in the East.

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