Unvaccinated Jonathan Isaac Can’t Dine Out With Magic Teammates

The NBA's ridiculous rules that apply only to unvaccinated players are preventing Magic big man Jonathan Isaac from breaking bread with his teammates. Though the 24-year-old has already had COVID and regularly shares a sweat-filled court with the rest of the Magic, Isaac is not allowed to dine with the team.

"It doesn’t really make sense," Isaac told Allie Beth Stuckey.

Isaac, like most reasonable people, doesn't see why he can fight for a rebound maskless with nine other players and fist bump Magic teammates during pregame introductions, but he can't join those same teammates for a postgame bite.

"As a member of the NBA, I’m going to follow (the rules). But my only point would be, to me, it doesn’t logically follow for us then, to jump on the court, or for me to be at a different locker room than my teammates, but then follow into the same tunnel and to go out to the game. It doesn’t really make sense," Isaac told Stuckey via her podcast.

He continued: "I’m not allowed to go to like team functions. Or if the team is eating in a restaurant, I can’t eat in the same room as them. To me, it just doesn’t logically follow for us then to get on the court together. And then again, for natural immunity to be ignored, and then again, just this, all of this is coming about talking about a virus was such a high survival rate."

The league's backwards rules are especially confusing to Isaac, who is not against the vaccine, but won't soon be endorsing the shot.

"Even if you take the vaccine, it does not stop it, you know, infection and transmission. I’m not against the vaccine, I think there actually are people who should take it," said Isaac.

Until the NBA loosens their restrictions on unvaccinated players, Isaac will be stuck at a table for one.