The NBA Tells Nets To Stop Making Fun Of Greek Freak Free Throw Routine

Giannis Antetokounmpo was given a warning for taking too long to release his free throws in Game 1 against the Miami Heat, and now the Brooklyn Nets are trolling him with Jumbotron countdowns. Well, now the NBA just told the Nets to ditch the free throw shenanigans because it's too mean.


He should be penalized...again

The entire point here is that Giannis is still taking too long to release his free throws against the Nets. In Game 1, the two-time MVP took 14.23 seconds to make a free throw. That is against the rules, which state a player must release his shot within 10 seconds of receiving the ball.

Both sides were asked about the troll job, and it appears no one noticed (yeah freaking right):

"I haven't been paying attention. I just really want to focus on our team," Nets coach Steve Nash said. "The whole thing is kind of confusing: Is it a rule? Is it not a rule? Are we calling it? Are we not calling it?"

It's really not confusing. It's simple: The Nets are using this opportunity to call the league out for not following the rules. Of course we just found out the league is telling them to go scratch, but at least they tried. What better way to affect Giannis' free throws than to make him speed up, and in theory, break his routine?

"I didn't notice," Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer said after Game 1. "There was one time where I felt like people were looking at the Jumbotron, but I didn't really know why."

Let the Nets troll, NBA. They're poking fun at the fact that Giannis is breaking the rule. If you don't like that, then enforce the rule!