The Brooklyn Nets Need To Get Rid of Kyrie Irving ASAP

Now that the Brooklyn Nets completed a mega deal with the Houston Rockets for James Harden, the team has one task left: get Kyrie Irving out of town. Like, immediately.

And maybe get James Harden on Jenny Craig.

With the Beard in Brooklyn, how likely is it that Kyrie wants to be a third wheel anyway? Irving behaves like a Berkeley freshman who lectures his family about the horrors of Thanksgiving. It's not likely he's going to play nice as third fiddle. Unfortunately, Brooklyn was foolish enough to bring Kyrie on in the first place, and they are now stuck until 2024 with an asset making north of $140 million.

Not good.

Here's what we predict: Kyrie will inevitably take the advice of someone we don't care about, and he will find a new home outside the Nets' organization. A fresh start for Kyrie Irving will totally go well and not at all be like every other train wreck of his nine-year career.

How many ball stoppers can the Nets have?

With Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and James Harden, this roster makes no schematic sense. They'll be dynamic offensively, but who is taking the "dirty work" role of, let's say, a PJ Tucker? Brooklyn just gave up Caris Lavert, rim protector Jarrett Allen, and three first-round picks. They literally have no other assets outside of this trio. All three of these amigos love to dribble the skin off the basketball, and one of them shows up to work only when he feels like it.

The Brooklyn Nets made a major mistake bringing on Kyrie, but one thing he did do was court Kevin Durant. It's a star's league, and convincing a top-five player to place his future in your franchise's hands is no easy task. At least Kyrie hasn't been completely useless.

The Nets have to find a trade partner for Irving and fast, before this thing gets out of hand. The first step, of course, is to see what type of trouble Kyrie will be in from commissioner Adam Silver, regarding his alleged party. No Sleep Till Brooklyn? Guess that was a myth.