T-Wolves' Karl Anthony-Towns Gets Mic'd Up, Lays An Egg Offensively Blowing A 26-Point Lead

With the series tied at 1, Timberwolves star Karl Anthony-Towns was feeling himself and ultimately gave the green light for NBA on TNT to mic him up. He proceeded to embarrass himself on the national stage taking just four shots and squandering a 26-point lead. They blew the lead and eventually the game to lose 104-95.

Listen to this coverage:

"We in Minnesota now," Towns said during a TV timeout with his team up 17 points with 3:40 left in the second quarter. "We gotta come back to our house now. I've only seen them at their house."

KAT clearly anticipated a blowout game 3 up 17 points, but how can you in today's NBA? With the current state of three-point shooting and up-tempo offense, any player assuming a game's over with almost four minutes left in a half is an air head. Let alone in a game as pivotal as game 3 that swings home court the rest of the series. But this is what today's culture is all about. Flexing on people before the job's done and getting the last laugh before crossing the finish line. Well, now the Minnesota Timberwolves are down 2-1 in the series and have to stave off Ja Morant and the Grizzlies from taking a commanding 3-1 series lead Saturday. And here's what makes matters worse:

Karl Anthony-Towns was doing all this talking and took FOUR SHOTS the entire contest. Taking the phrase "all bark and no bite" to new heights flapping his gums and letting his teammates do the work. The Grizzlies would go on to capitalize on Towns' soft eight-point performance and end this game on a 42-12 run. They never looked back. Perhaps keep the mic away from Towns next time?