Steve Kerr Just Made NBA Referee's Christmas Card List

The NBA made a rule change this past offseason that aimed to eliminate offensive players from initiating contact for fouls. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr claims it's working to perfection and we couldn't agree more.

"I love what I'm seeing," Kerr said. "I think the officials are doing a great job. The game has a more authentic feel."

NBA officials were told this offseason to no longer reward fouls for "abnormal basketball moves", and it's impacting the way the game's aesthetics. For those that enjoyed 80's and 90's basketball where the game was more physical and strategic, this change is nostalgic.

Players like Nets' guard James Harden doesn't have a way to dominate games by reaching the foul line a million times a game -- he has to get open and make shots. Ya know, like the way basketball players were always supposed to.

Warriors power forward Draymond Green also likes the change.

"It's satisfying to watch the game of basketball without all those bull**** calls," Green said. Here's his full comment:

Basketball will never return to its physical ways because of the talent in the game today. There's no reason to dive into the paint when you can rain threes from 30 feet, however no longer rewarding flopping has changed the game for the better.

They're finally forcing these guys to play like men.


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