Stephen A: Kyrie Irving ‘Betrayed’ Kevin Durant With Nets

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith has a knack for losing it on live television. He reached boiling point, once again, on Wednesday when speaking on the Brooklyn Nets, specifically Kevin Durant's so-called wasted potential with joining the team.

In his three-minute tirade, Smith listed his key complaints on the current state of the Nets, throwing a predictable jab at Kyrie Irving, who is still sidelined from all team activities until he gets the COVID-19 vaccine.

Smith claimed that Irving "betrayed" Durant by luring him to Brooklyn.

"KD, you made the wrong decision, bro. And here's why: Because you trusted Kyrie. Kyrie Irving betrayed you, flat-out betrayed you, left you hanging," Stephen A. announced, before throwing some jabs at the third head of the Big 3 in James Harden.

"Because you got a guy in James Harden — not first year, this is the second year in a row — mad love for James Harden. You've gotta get your act together, bro. ... You've gotta get it together," Smith said. Harden averages only 19.8 points a game this season.

Irving was believed to only be in danger of missing home games at Barclays Center over his unvaccinated status for a long stretch of the off-season. The team's governor, Joe Tsai, took a stricter approach and banned Irving from all activities, including road games where unvaccinated players are permitted to play.

A significant loss in the entire Kyrie vs. the NBA saga has been the potential of the Brooklyn Nets' Big 3 still not seen in its peak chemistry. The team is off to a 10-4 start without Kyrie, and a recent loss to the Golden State Warriors, 117-99 pontificated the need to get their second-best player back. Until then, Durant will have to put the team on his back.

"I mean, this is a disgrace, to sit up there and watch this team last night look like straight garbage," Smith added.

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