Steph Curry Pours In Career-High 62 After Getting Dissed On Social Media

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry was on one tonight. Just yesterday, Blazers' Damian Lillard was on Instagram saying Steph wasn't getting the looks to be the player he was in his "MVP" days. Seems like Steph had enough of the chatter.

Here's the IG comment from Dame, just in case you thought this Curry onslaught was a coincidence:

Based on this comment, it sounds like Damian Lillard doesn't believe in the Steph Curry "unanimous MVP" hype. He may still think Curry is a star, but he seems to feel that the sharpshooter needs a super team to win games.

Welp, Steph Curry (like Michael Jordan) took that personally.

Curry scored 62 points, going 18-31 from the field, including eight three-pointers. He was asked post-game if he would be ready to play after seeming to put everything into tonight's performance. Curry fired back with an epic one-liner.

"I've got plenty," Curry said.

This is a direct response to social media talk claiming that he can't carry a bad team. Most basketball fans are well aware of the shooting struggles of teammates like Kelly Oubre, who's shooting just 4% from three this season, but no one cares. If Steph wants to be respected in conversations with other NBA greats, then he needs to prove he can carry a squad on his back, even if they stink.

Message sent

One thing's for certain: Steph Curry isn't backing down or making excuses for the 3-3 record of the Warriors.

Quite a few NBA players got their Twitter fingers warm to congratulate Steph on his stellar night.

Last, but not least.

Magic Johnson is a real life Captain Obvious. When he tweets that you did something good--he means it.

The real question becomes whether Steph has the physical make up to lead a one-man show for a 72-game season. Players have led worse teams, but hardly any of them were 6-foot-three, 185 pounds soaking wet.

We can't wait to see what Steph brings to the table, because if he can get hot, it'll at least help the league boost their execrable ratings. For our own sake, we sure hope the trash talk continues.