Skip Bayless Gets Dunked On For Criticizing Giannis' Super Max Deal

Milwaukee Bucks' star forward Giannis Antetokounmpo signed a five-year, $228.2 million extension yesterday that most fans saw as a gesture of loyalty, but Fox Sports troll Skip Bayless still criticized Giannis on Undisputed this morning. The Twitter clap back was epic.

"Giannis just showed you who he is and who he isn't," Bayless said. "He's fine being a little in the shadows in Milwaukee. Trust me, he's not driven to win championships."

This tweet by CBS' Allan Bell defended Giannis perfectly. There's no real way to impress Skip Bayless, so there's no point in trying. In this case, he's absolutely right that the two-time MVP would have been criticized no matter what he did. If Giannis moved on to the Golden State Warriors alongside Steph Curry or to the Miami Heat with Jimmy Butler and Pat Riley, he would be "ring chasing" in Skip's eyes. While the Greek Freak doesn't need to be praised like a war hero for signing a super-max deal, he deserves at least some credit for his loyalty.

What would be better is if sports fan recognized Skip Bayless for what he truly is: an opportunistic troll that shifts the goalposts on any athlete under a spotlight.

Remember his Dak comment?

Sports fans have apparently forgotten that Skip said Cowboys' quarterback Dak Prescott was using depression to evade the pressure of the upcoming season. Social media attacked Bayless, but he understood the big picture. He knew that the backlash against him would die down with time, and he was right. That's exactly why he can say anything he wants for ratings, like he's doing here with Giannis. He'll come up with something ridiculous to say tomorrow. It's a tiresome game.

Skip Bayless is no better than the Twitter profiles with six followers and egg profile pictures that troll celebrities. They pop off whenever they please with no one to keep them in check.

In reality, it doesn't matter what Giannis does with his contract situation because Skip Bayless knows his next career move. Giannis is the next star he can hound like LeBron James to propel his personal brand. If Giannis keeps winning MVPs the way LeBron has but without the NBA championships, then Bayless has a sore spot to pick for his shows. It'll work when it shouldn't.

We should be able to enjoy Skip's opinion getting ripped on social media. The only problem is that our hatred of his perspective is his goal. Our hatred drives his salary. Eventually there will be a day when we let Skip and his tactics fall silent like a fart in a windstorm. Someday...