Shaq's New Teammate: Jeff Bezos? Billion-Dollar Duo Could Team Up To Buy Phoenix Suns

Shaquille O'Neal is bringing the skills that made him one of the most dominant forces in the NBA to the financial world. In lieu of Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarvar giving up ownership of the team as a result of past racist and misognystic remarks, Shaq has been vocal about his interest in bidding for the team.

However, Shaq's no fool.

When rumors that Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos may also be interested, Shaq told TMZ Sports that he is down to have a teammate for the Suns acquisition.

"Nobody on this planet can compete with Big Man JB, (Jeff Bezos)...Because you know what? I just ordered 50 things off Amazon today. Big Man JB got that money coming in!" Shaq told the media outlet.


The 4-time NBA Champion continued, "If he (Bezos) wants me on board, I would gladly like to talk to him."

It's unclear if Bezos has any real interest in purchasing an NBA team. However the duo sounds pretty enticing if you ask me. Shaq's Hall of Fame basketball credentials speak for themselves while Bezos has an unlimited supply of cash.

Whether serious or not, it will take some time for someone to take over the Suns. Sarvar is only in the early stages of removing his 35% ownership of the team which he has held since 2004.

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