Sacramento Kings Play 'Cold As Ice' Every Time Russell Westbrook Missed A Shot

During Wednesday's 125-116 Kings win over the Lakers, the home team trolled every time Russell Westbrook missed a shot by playing "Cold As Ice" by Foreigner. We'll admit this isn't the team that should be doing this, but we'll take it.

Westbrook went 2-14 from the field and he's eight for his last FORTY. Good for 20 percent, which may be less effective than the vaccine. It's at least close, right? Watch:

I personally haven't been a huge supporter of Westbrook because he's been dismal for the Lakers, however his rebuttal was solid. Of course he heard the song playing and he's not fooling a soul pretending he never noticed the arena booming every time he missed. Westbrook utilized his shower time to think of a reply, and mentioning the Kings sucking the last 14 years was accurate and kinda funny.

The Lakers are reportedly shopping the 33-year-old guard and, according to multiple sources, no one was interested. A point guard with a turnover habit that can't shoot and makes $44 million a year -- what's not to like?