Ryan Mallett's Ex-Wife Tiffany Seeley Stops By, Big Baby LeBron & Mike Tyson On A Hippo

Like I was saying...now LeBron can get to work promoting his movie and kissing China's ass so they don't yank it from theaters

And just like that, LeBron has the summer off, and in typical LeBron fashion, there wasn't a handshake line. He walked off the court and made sure to sign a jersey for Devin Booker to create a photo-op that is used to make it look like he cares about the younger generation. In case you've been in a coma the last 20 years or you haven't been paying attention, this guy cares about one person. He loves to make fun of teams when he's beating them, but when it comes time to shake hands after the first first-round playoff loss of his career, LeBron shows his typical bum behavior.

Screencaps readers have made it very clear you tuned him out years ago, but I figured since this is new territory for LeBum's career, I'd start off the morning dabbling in his nonsense. Now it's time for the guy to get ready for the Space Jam 2 release...July 10 in China...July 16 in the U.S. Never forget that this man kissed China's ass so this movie will be played across the communist country.

And be ready for his hot social justice takes now that he has all summer to cook up nonsense and fire up the base for Nike to then run some marketing plan it has been cooking up over the last few months.

Or just turn off social media, crack a patio beer, crank the Yacht Rock and ignore this idiot. That sounds like an amazing plan to me.

Why would Coach K hang up the whistle? Is Coach K leaving college basketball because of the transfer portal? Has the sport passed him by? Blah, blah, blah. I did a quick Wiki search and learned Coach K turns 75 in February. I know it's a hard concept for the meatheads out there to grasp, but sometimes people get to an age where they want to have winters off and do some other stuff in life before they die. Crazy concept, right?

• Yes, I realize Coach K pretty much quit last season.

• Last night, I learned garage door lube spray will eliminate that pesky rear-wheel lawnmower squeak that had been driving me crazy. The neighborhood has to be pleased by this news.

Rick writes:

Back when I first started reading the Morning Screencaps, my initial reaction was who the f--k cares what projects some dude is working on or what you have planned for that evening or the weekend? How narcissistic are you that you think anybody actually gives a shit?
Sorry. I was wrong. I now look forward to that maybe the most in those posts. Just seeing what some other random dad has going on in his life. And I realize the irony from my first paragraph - how narcissistic am I to think you give a shit what I think! In any event, I hope with all the changes you're able to just keep doin what you're doin...and hopefully for a lot more money! And then write about what projects you're doing with that new money!
This is a very important email from Rick because it shows how far this post has come over the last year. Tuesday was my one-year anniversary at OutKick. That was the day Clay officially flipped the switch on this site. We had a big virtual meeting where the management team laid out the future and then told a small team -- Bobby and I remain -- to go figure it out. Screencaps made its OutKick debut a couple days later, and I had to navigate the waters here to figure out what resonates with this readership. It turned out -- I was told very early on what was working because OutKick readers just let it fly -- ordinary, middle-age dad stuff in nowhere Ohio gained traction.

Why? I assume it's because you're not getting it anywhere else. And I'm not trying to bulls--t you guys like the coastal elite idiots who think you need cicada spaghetti recipes and other elite nonsense. There is a big ol' swath of this country filled with people just trying to get through life and have a little fun along the way.

• That brings me to my weekend plans, Rick. It's going to be sweat your balls off for the next several days in a row. That means I'm going to text the neighborhood and tell them the pool is open. The yard was mowed last night, the dog crap is all caught up, and it is time to crank up summer.

Saturday is my 11th wedding anniversary to an amazing wife who puts up with the madness. We'll do something special, and then it's a 36-hole two-course scramble shootout on Sunday. The morning course plays the national anthem and then shoots off a cannon to start play. That's right, I'm about to dive headfirst straight into summer. All gas, no brake.

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