Rare Signed Michael Jordan Card Sells For $1.4 Million At Auction

If you are a card collector, you might want to check your latest stash of basketball cards. TMZ reports that a signed card featuring Michael Jordan has gone for big money.

How big?

How about $1.4 million big.

The card that sold at auction was a 1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey Jordan card. Mind you, only 23 of these cards were made, so the odds of having one is probably slim to none.

The $1.4 million dollar price tag blew away the previous high for a Jordan card by over $500,000.

The previous high for a Jordan card was back a few months ago when a card sold through Heritage for $915,000. That card was a green-shaded 1997 Michael Jordan Metal Universe Precious Metal Gem card.

The $1.4 mil card wasn't even in mint condition, but was labeled as "Near Mint 7" (cards are graded from one to 10 with 10 being "mint").

Heritage Auctions was the seller of the card, and after 61 bids, it finally landed at its $1.4 million dollar price tag.

The card was number eight of 23.

The ESPN series "The Last Dance" seems to have pushed Jordan memorabilia to a whole other level, as recently shoes, cancelled checks and even Jordan's old Mercedes-Benz have gone for huge prices on the auction market.

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