Player Who Called Jeremy Lin 'Coronavirus' Has Been Identified

Jeremy Lin says he was called “coronavirus” on the basketball court, but he would not name the person responsible. NBC now says the NBA G League has identified the man who said it.

“We’re handling this matter internally, a decision supported by Jeremy Lin. Lin has met with the player to discuss the escalating racism and violence toward Asian Americans, and the player understands the impact that hearing his comment had on Lin,” a league spokesperson said in a statement to NBC Asian America.

So, this means we still don't know who is calling people “coronavirus" on the court. The media is working hard to disclose the player's identity though.

If it happened to be a white guy, this could get ugly. That player would then have to apologize for life, find a new job, delete Twitter, and suffer through a nasty New York Times piece written about them. If it was a black player, well, just move on.

Last year, it was “bitch ass white boy." This year, it's "coronavirus." All of it is unnecessary, in my opinion.

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