Pistons Player Had Tooth Knocked Out While Fouled

You can't handle the tooth!

Things got ugly in an already unsightly matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons Friday night when Motor City shooting guard Hamidou Diallo lost a tooth on a hard foul.

Lakers big man Thomas Bryant came in with the hard swat on a Diallo layup and dislodged the Pistons player's tooth.

Diallo appeared in immediate pain after the flagrant foul by Bryant but tallied the and-one.


Despite the Pistons loss, Diallo himself had a solid outing on Friday against the lowly Lakers: recording a season-high 13 points (5-of-6) in 20 minutes of action.


Losing teeth isn't as rare of an injury in the NBA as you'd expect.

Known names around the Association, both current and former, have been visited by the tooth fairy after losing a pearl on the court, including Steve Nash, Goran Dragic Isaiah Thomas, Carl Landry and others.

It's been a strange month for Diallo. On Nov. 12, facing the Boston Celtics, Diallo had a wardrobe malfunction when the name on his jersey was misspelled.

Detroit fell to 3-14 after the 128-121 loss to LA. Meanwhile, the Lakers "improved" to 4-10.

Cover photo courtesy of Bally Sports Detroit

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