Now NBA Fans Think Chris Paul Was Rude To Malika Andrews Because He's Team Rachel Nichols

I'm going to step on OutKick writer Bobby Burack's turf real fast to stick my blogging fingers into Day 30 or whatever it is of the Maria Taylor-Rachel Nichols-ESPN-NBA drama because I saw rumblings that NBA fans -- yes, more than like three or four -- are mad at Chris Paul for how he handled his Game One post-game interview with Malika Andrews, who took over Nichols' NBA Finals sideline job.

Here's the drama as it stands today on social media:

• Paul and the Suns win Game One over the Bucks, and that means he's giving the post-game interview with Andrews.

• 26-year-old Andrews is making her first NBA Finals appearance and fires off her questions. Paul answers a few and then she asks him about some injury that the ESPN broadcast team spent time discussing during the game.

• Paul says, "I don't know what you're talking about," and Andrews responds with, "There you go." It's basic NBA 101.

And with that, Chris Paul is officially in the crosshairs. You can scroll here to see NBA fans who are now mad at Paul for that last part of the interview. Seriously, they're mad at that. Imagine if Andrews' first NBA Finals post-game interview was with Woke All-Star Gregg Popovich. You'd have a woke-on-woke war. Woke-on-woke violence. It would be a huge woke-off.

What would make dumb NBA fans think that last part was Paul showing "disrespect" for Andrews? The narrative is that Paul's a LeBron guy and LeBron is pro-Rachel Nichols and Paul's being mean because Team LeBron's mad at ESPN for running Nichols out of the NBA Finals.

That's where we're at with this nonsense.

Why waste my time in this lane? Let's be honest, it's to see ESPN and the NBA eat their own. It's to see the wokes vs. the wokes. It's to see what other nonsense these weirdos will come up with in the course of a game to claim there's some great race conspiracy at play here.

At some point, you have to start thinking ESPN has paid Russian bots to create this race narrative to gin up ratings like the NBA Finals is The Bachelor.

There are many more than this who are buying into Chris Paul being rude to the young ESPN sideline reporter:

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