'Not This Year': Blazers Announcer Trolls Steph Curry After 3-Point Attempt

If you're thinking: "the NBA started already?" , you're not alone. The preseason actually began late last week, sandwiched somewhere between mid-major college football telecasts and the NFL behemoth. Though few highlights have made their way to social media, and even fewer stars have suited up for the league's version of a dress rehearsal, a badly missed Steph Curry 3-point attempt is going viral thanks to a Portland announcer.

With just under four minutes left in the game's opening quarter, Curry steps back for a 3-point attempt just left of the arc. Before launching, he leans into the defender then awkwardly heaves a shot towards the basket. Almost immediately, Curry lifts his arms and gazes at the referee, expecting a foul call. The shot attempt was nowhere close, and the official, for seemingly the first time ever, swallowed his whistle.

As the no-foul was unfolding, a Blazers announcers simply says: "Not this year." The announcer is referring to the league's new rules that prohibits offensive players from launching themselves into defenders in order to generate a foul call. That's exactly the type of move gunners like Curry, Dame Lillard, Kevin Love, James Harden and others have been using to their benefit for years.

Not only is the NBA now giving defenders the benefit of the doubt, but offensive players can now be called for a foul in similar situations, per SI.com:

"It’s what every coach wants," Warriors coach Steve Kerr told Anthony Slater of The Athletic. "As long as the refs follow through on what the league says they will do -- and I have every confidence they will, we’ll get away from players manipulating refs and back to basketball."