Nets Coach Steve Nash Goes Bizzerk on Referee, Gets Ejected

Who says the beginning of the season doesn't matter?!

On Wednesday night, Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash brought the passion when he was given a double technical and ejected after calling out the referees. The coach was angry about what he thought was a missed foul against one of his players.

YES Network's Ryan Ruocco even saying, "I have never seen Steve Nash this upset since he has taken over as Nets' head coach."


The NBA Hall of Fame player and current Nets coach was upset that the referees missed a call on one of his players being fouled.

"I was just standing up for our guys," Nash said after the game. "I thought Patty Mills took a forearm in the throat from Giannis right in front of the ref." The head coach continued, "I didn't think that was fair."

Nash would be tossed from the game in the 2nd half. Although the Nets were winning at that point, they would ultimately lose to the Milwaukee Bucks 110-99.

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There's nothing better than managers and coaches getting tossed from the game. I LIVE for those moments when a baseball manager will storm out of the dugout and absolutely berate an umpire, kicking dirt at them and calling them every curse word in the book. It's hilarious but also shows that games matter, regardless how big or small they are.


The NBA tipped off its 76th season last week. The Brooklyn Nets, led by a returning Kyrie Irving who can play both home and away games with no Covid vaccine requirement are 1-3.

The Milwaukee Bucks, led by the NBA's best in Giannis Antetokounmpo are undefeated this season at 3-0.

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