NBA Will Now Require Refs To Be COVID-Vaxed

The NBA will now require its referees to be fully vaccinated ahead of next season, provided they don't have religious limitations. Apparently, that's the protocol pretty much everywhere that requires the jab.

Makes you wonder why Scott Foster or Tony Brothers don't come out publicly as Buddhist. They really should, and if the NBA still insists that they get the vaxx to keep their jobs, then they should hold out the way NFL refs did in 2012.

You "must be fully vaccinated in order to conduct in-person interactions with players," Yahoo Sports' Shams Charania tweeted.

Referees, who are obviously far more likely to die from COVID than players because of their age, need vaccines to come face-to-face with world class athletes? It's almost like the league threw out every morsel of evidence that proves obesity and COVID hospitalizations/deaths have a direct correlation. Anyone ignoring that fact has aspirations far more cynical than an obsession with public health.

The NBA is making the same mistake the NFL did a few months ago by abusing their rights as a private company. Just because you can force employees to do something doesn't mean you should. A two-tiered society is building before our eyes, and it's starting with professional sports. But will the refs blow the whistle?

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