NBA To End Daily COVID Testing This Weekend

The NBA is following the NFL's lead and ending daily COVID testing. Late Thursday, the league informed teams that they will no longer test with such exhausting frequency.

Though this is welcome news for NBA players and staff, the change in testing does come with an asterisk. The updated policy pertains only to those who are vaccinated and have received a booster. Anyone unvaccinated or booster eligible will still be subjected to the pleasure of a daily nose swab.

Per Shams Charania, "The NBA has informed teams that daily surveillance COVID-19 testing for players, coaches and Tier 1 personnel will not extend beyond Saturday. Individuals will remain subject to testing if symptomatic, exposed or enhanced directive by league office."

Thus who are unvaccinated and without a booster will continue to follow the current daily testing until at least February 17th.

The NBA's decision to relax their protocols comes just hours after the Minnesota Timberwolves announced that beginning on January 30th, all fans attending a T-Wolves game will be required to wear a mask and provide proof of vaccination.

While some of the league's teams zig, the league itself appears to prefer to zag. In addition to cutting back on daily testing, the league made an adjustment in late December to shorten COVID quarantine from 10 days to 6.

The league's scaled-back testing will commence this Saturday.


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