NBA Legend Eviscerates Ben Simmons For Sitting Out Nets' Elimination Game

The Brooklyn Nets' mid-season acquisition of point guard Ben Simmons has been a miss.

While advocates of the trade forecasted Simmons' anticipated debut in Brooklyn around the postseason, Simmons has yet to step on the court for the Nets — now one game away from elimination.

On Sunday, it was confirmed that Ben Simmons would sit out Game 4 contrary to growing optimism of a return.

The news rubbed Pacers legend, Reggie Miller, the wrong way.

Miller shot off a tweet criticizing Simmons' commitment problems. The 18-year vet didn't miss.

Miller tweeted: "Cmon MAN!!! Out for Game 4 when it was rumored you were going to make your debut. This dude has ZERO competitive .. As small a chance as the Nets have to come back in this series, you still have KD and Kyrie, all you need is to win ONE game and take it from there..#ManUp"

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Simmons was downgraded to OUT for Monday's elimination game after 'waking up with back soreness' on Sunday. In March, the former No. 1 overall pick was officially diagnosed with a herniated disk in his back. Simmons has been rehabbing the injury since the start of the season and has yet to play.

When discussing the potential return, which now appears as a longshot, Nets coach Steve Nash commented that part of that decision depends on Simmons' willingness.

“Part of the decision has to be Ben’s," Nash said. "I think that he has to be all-in. And so that is a part of the equation, that’s fair. It’s not all on Ben. It’s not like, ‘Ah, come on, you didn’t play Ben.’ This is a unique situation.

"He’s never played with his teammates. And to go into a playoff situation after a long period of inactivity and injury is not straightforward.”

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