NBA Hands Out Fines After Heated Weekend From Players

One thing that the NBA holds over the beloved NFL is the week-to-week player drama.

NFL players can stir up a commotion among each other on the field; meanwhile, NBA guys are willing to go at anyone, or thing, standing in their way over an errant foul call or losing effort.

A round of fines was handed out by the NBA on Monday after an eventful weekend from its players.

Having to cough up some cheddar for violating conduct codes are Minnesota Timberwolves guard D'Angelo Russell and Utah Jazz guard Jordan Clarkson.

Russell was fined by the Association for cursing at a game official on Saturday, facing the Oklahoma City Thunder. He was ejected from the game and will now have to pay $20,000 "for directing inappropriate language toward a game official."

This isn't Russell's first time getting booted from a game over his disagreement with a ref.

As part of the Golden State Warriors in 2019, Russell was set off by a foul call and got in a game official's face, prompting an ejection.

The 26-year-old may need to consider therapy.


Also paying for his misdeeds is Jordan Clarkson, who threw his headband into the stands in a moment of frustration against the Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday.

Clarkson hurled the piece of game wear, not hitting a fan but getting a good flinch from neighboring spectators.


Clarkson and Russell capped what was a feisty week for NBA stars.

Dominating headlines in the Association Sunday was an altercation between Hawks guard Trae Young and coach Nate McMillan. Young reportedly sat out a game against the Denver Nuggets for refusing to participate in shoot-around, sparking concern in Atlanta over his maturity.

We've seen that even game officials are willing to jump into some trouble.

Last week, reports emerged that longtime NBA referee Tony Brothers was kept out of an officiating assignment after calling Dallas Mavericks forward Spencer Dinwiddie a "b***h a** motherf****r."

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