NBA Champion Gary Payton II Casually Likes Booty Pic From OnlyFans Model Mona Azar

Newly crowned NBA champion Gary Payton II is using his time away from the court to shoot his shot at popular Instagram star turned OnlyFans model, Mona Azar.

Payton, who left Golden State earlier this month to sign a 3-year contract with Portland, avoided sliding into Azar's DMs, opting instead to nix the stealth approach and "like" a provocative tweet she sent.

Azar's tweet, that was liked by Payton II and then captured by Twitter user @ItsAPooleParty_, shows the Persian/Italian entertainer laying down with her buns exposed, butt for a well-placed piece of camouflage clothing.

Now viewed more than 71k times, the tweet includes a six second video of Azar simultaneously smiling and making 'em clap. She captioned the video by advertising a link to her OnlyFans account, writing: "My ass is answering DMs on OF !!!! where y’all at I’m ready to do some naughty customs."

Payton was obviously a fan of Azar's marketing technique, and his new $28 million Trail Blazers contract should allow him the opportunity to take Azar up on her offer of providing "naughty customs." A subscription to her OnlyFans page costs $12.99/month and the model herself confirms in her page bio that, "yes my ass so big it's bizarre ;)," in case Payton, or anyone else were wondering.

Fortunately for Payton II, he can afford to quench his thirst for an ass-answered DM on OnlyFans - the easiest place to contact her. "You have a better shot talking to me on here than on any other social media," states Azar.

Considering the 29-year-old Payton shot better than 60% from the field this year, I like his chances.


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