NBA Announces New Rule For Visitors In Hotel Rooms That Could Affect Instagram Models

NBA Insider® Adrian Wojnarowski reports the NBA is changing some COVID protocols. Players will no longer be allowed to interact "with non-team guests at road hotels" or to have visitors in their rooms on road trips.

The changes go even further. "At home, players and team staff must remain at residence except to attend team-related activities at facility or arena, exercise outside, perform essential activities or the occurrence of extraordinary circumstances," Wojnarowski reports.

According to these new protocols, no more leaving the team hotel on the road and no more trips to approved restaurants.

More items from Wojnarowski:

• Any person who visits the residence of a team staff member or player for "professional" purposes, must get a COVID test

• The league will also be using something called "cool down chairs." Players will go to the cool down chairs after leaving a game before returning to the bench where they'll be masked up.

So the big news here is that the NBA is clearly cracking down on road slam pieces that guys bring to their rooms. How will the NBA enforce this rule? One has to assume they'll have road slam police watching inside these hotels, but we all know that the NBA better have rock solid defense or the IG models are getting through.

What's going on right now with the NBA and COVID to cause all these protocol changes? It seems Kyrie Irving went off the reservation and attended a family birthday party. Time to crack down.


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