Maverick Carter's Klutch Sports Is Ahead Of Its Time With "Pro Day" On ESPN 2, Agents Are Livid

Maverick Carter's Klutch Sports held a Pro Day yesterday on ESPN 2, and other NBA agents were reportedly "not happy" with the set up. They may resent that LeBron's group of friends are taking over the NBA, but they shouldn't hate the player--hate the game.

When LeBron put Maverick Carter on the scene, James was no longer the only one searching for power. Years ago, the league had to deal with charges of tampering. Now Klutch Sports is pushing a similar envelope. This is smart. They put together a showcase that benefits top high school prospects like Anthony Edwards and Tyrese Maxey, as well as Klutch's outreach.

Who else offers this type of exposure for 17-year-olds looking to crack into the NBA? Nobody and that's why the remaining NBA agents can't stand this move or the fact that ESPN and the NBA are allowing it. The league realizes it's in their best interest to allow agencies like Klutch to grow amateur platforms before they ever show up to the NBA hardwood. After all, that's what the media did for LeBron James.

Now, Klutch Sports looks like a clique everyone wants to join. How could you not? LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and other stars take time out of their days to make you feel important while you're just practicing. No one else is offering this type of opportunity to become a Klutch client, and everyone else is upset they didn't think of this first.

What's next?

Agencies have no other choice but to offer more perks to sit at the table of upcoming NBA stars. Courting talent to represent them is now starting earlier than we've ever seen, and the rest of the agents need to come to grips with that. Of course it's ridiculous that 17-year-olds are being treated like celebrities, but with the direction social media is heading, it's almost unavoidable. As much as everyone may hate it, Klutch Sports is ahead of its time.

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