LeBron Says He's Sorry For Not Praising Ma’Khia Bryant, Not The Officer He Tried to Destroy

LeBron James has chimed back in on the shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant. He wants to apologize -- not to the heroic officer, whose life LeBron inexcusably tried to ruin, but to Bryant, who tried to stab and kill a girl.

LeBron responded to a Vox column that asked why people are not saying Bryant's name, in honor of SayHerName, a social movement that says it raises awareness for black female victims.

As a reminder: LeBron doxxed the officer who had to shoot Bryant to stop her from stabbing a young girl to death. LeBron tweeted out the officer's face and body to ensure the officer could never again walk in public safely. LeBron said the officer was "next," as in the next Derek Chauvin. Interestingly, the Columbus officer has little in common with Chauvin. They share only skin color and choice of profession, though shared skin color was enough for LeBron to connect the two.

LeBron was wrong before, and he's wrong again here. The story does not need to be about Bryant. If there must be a story, it is that a police officer saved the life of a young girl. The name of that officer and the skin colors of the subjects are irrelevant. A cop saved a life -- period. Yet LeBron has made the conversation only about race.

"Protect our Young Black Women & Men," LeBron tweets. That's exactly what the officer in Columbus, Ohio did. He saved a young black woman's life. And LeBron tried to ruin his life for it. Quite the thank you, I'd say.

LeBron is making the story worse again.

As Will Cain said to OutKick last week, “LeBron James, at least in the world of sports, is the single most destructive force to race relations in the United States."

LeBron is purposely misleading his followers, all 50 million of them. He does not want them to see the video, which shows Bryant attempting to kill a young girl. LeBron will not tweet out the full story with context. His sole goal is to convince his supporters that white police are racist and are "hunting" black people. That's a lie, but it's a lie LeBron has chosen to spread. A lie that millions of Americans are afraid to acknowledge is a lie.

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