LAPD Union Requests NBA Investigation Into LeBron James' Tweet

The Los Angeles Police Department union has sent a letter to NBA commissioner Adam Silver to request a formal investigation into a recent tweet by Lakers star LeBron James.

Detective James McBride, a member of the LA Police Protective Board of Directors, told FOX News the NBA needs to examine if James violated any league policies when he tweeted, "“You’re next #ACCOUNTABILITY," about a Columbus police officer, along with the officer's picture.

Body cam footage revealed a 16-year old girl who was holding a knife and lunging at another girl. The officer opened fire after repeatedly warning the suspect to stop, theoretically saving a life in the process.

James later deleted the tweet, explaining it was being used to spread hate. He did not offer an apology. The tweet immediately came under fire from police officers and the general public, and continues to be widely criticized.

“LeBron James sent that tweet out to over 50 million followers, to incite violence is basically what that tweet did,” McBride told Laura Ingraham. "... No officer wants to take a life, but I’ll tell you one thing, that officer saved a life and he’s a hero."

The NBA has not issued a statement nor responded to OutKick's multiple requests for comment. As of now, it has yet to respond to the LAPD union's letter.