Lakers Reportedly Considered Trading For Kyrie Irving

Back in 1993, a little band called Little Texas cautioned us all against thinking about "what might have been."

Now nearly 30 years later, the Los Angeles Lakers should heed that advice. According to Lakers Daily, there are some in the organization who wanted to bring Kyrie Irving to LA during the 2021-2022 season, but that never happened.

Per a report from SNY, “Several outlets, including SNY, reported that the Nets had been open to talking to teams about potential Irving trades during that time. Obviously, nothing came to fruition. But some members of the Lakers organization discussed the possibility of trading for Irving during that stretch of the season, sources say."

It might have been a smart move. Though supremely talented, Irving had just a limited role with the Brooklyn Nets this season because he refused the COVID vaccine, and New York City regulations prevented unvaccinated players from taking the court at Barclays Center.

During road games where Irving could play, he was quite productive. He averaged 27.4 points, 4.4 rebounds and 5.8 assists per game, according to Laker Daily. He also shot nearly 42% from 3-point range.

So, yes, the Lakers, a team which finished in 11th place in the Western Conference and missed the playoffs entirely, could've used a helping hand.

Of course, LA also imposed its own COVID vaccine regulations that might have prevented Irving from playing there as well. There's no way to know.

Not to mention, adding Irving would've meant reuniting him with former teammate LeBron James. The two had a good run together with the Cleveland Cavaliers. They even won an NBA title together in 2016.

But that was then, and Irving and James have since taken different roads. They can't go back again, and there's no use giving in. There's no way to know...

What might have been.