Kyrie Goes Off For 37 In Boston Return, Nets Win 123-95

The new look Brooklyn Nets annihilated the Boston Celtics with tonight 123-95. Most fans really only cared about what Kyrie Irving did.

He delivered and he hardly broke a sweat.

With 37 points, Irving is back to looking the way he did alongside King James.

Must be the sage.

Kyrie is a weird dude, but he sure knows how to score and that decision to join Kevin Durant in Brooklyn is looking better by the second. Durant wasn't too bad himself pouring in 29 points. Couldn't be sure if KD was going to let Kyrie have his night to shine against his former team-- guess we got our answer.

Everything's rainbows and lollipops in Brooklyn after game two of the 2020-21 campaign. What could go wrong? Right now, Kyrie and KD clearly love playing together and that's more than any ex-teammate of Irving could ever say.

The eastern conference has a problem to deal with out of Brooklyn. Kyrie Irving is happy and we've never seen the kid with a smile on his face (on the court or outside of a museum in Europe, at least). Irving and his sentimental self is 2-0 and we'll have to keep an eye on them as they take on the Charlotte Hornets in a couple days.

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