Kwame Brown Called Out Stephen A. Smith, Then Gets Multi-Tweet Response

Former NBA player Kwame Brown has been mixing it up with several other former players recently. In fact, he absolutely owned Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson and Gilbert Arenas after they took shots at him on a recent podcast.

Stephen A. Smith is the next one in line to catch the Brown heat, which is absolutely scorching folks nowadays. On Wednesday, Brown once again took to Instagram Live, and he was throwing verbal haymakers at the ESPN personality.

Check out this clip on Twitter from Hoop Central.

Look, Stephen A. needs to keep his ass away from Seattle. If that's where Brown is wanting him to go, avoid it at ALL COST. From everything I've seen over the last couple days, this is the last man Stephen A. wants to be throwing hands with.

It looks like he's wisely going to avoid the altercation, based off everything we've seen from him on social media since Brown came at him. For instance:

Taking the "I don't care" or "being the bigger person" approach is so lame.

We all know exactly why he's doing it. All you have to do is watch that video, and you instantly know Brown is completely serious. That's why Smith is trying to keep this tough guy persona without saying anything else negative about Brown.

To be fair, the man stands 6-foot-11 and roughly 290 pounds. Stephen A. wants zero part of this -- and it shows.

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