Klay Thompson Headed To G-League

The last time Klay Thompson played in an NBA game, corona was still known primarily as a beer, President Donald Trump was overseeing an economic boom in the country, and Bill Cosby was still in jail. In other words, it's been a while since Klay was raining threes on the NBA hardwood.

That will soon change, however, now that Thompson has been assigned to the Warriors' G-League team, the Santa Cruz Warriors.

Over the weekend, Golden State announced that Thompson would be joining the minor league squad in preparation for a possible return to the Warriors' lineup in late December.

But there's no need to rush to your ticket app to try and score Santa Cruz tickets for a chance to see one of the game's greatest shooters up close and personal at a discounted rate. Thompson is only in Santa Cruz to practice and won't be schooling any G-League competition during games. Thompson, 31, is just in town to continue to get into game shape and hone his skills via practice reps while his Golden State teammates are on the road.

"Steve asked us to put him in a couple of sets and plays," Santa Cruz coach Seth Cooper explained. "The good thing is, we run the exact same thing as they do. Just to put in a couple of things for him to learn that are new. A couple of the things the Warriors were running in the last two years that they weren't running before."

If all goes well, Thompson could soon return to an NBA game for the first time since the 2019 NBA Finals. Cooper insists, "Everything we did was full, 100 percent, he was going. There was no holding him back. He was live in the scrimmage, he was live today in practice. There was really no pulling back, just letting him go and experience playing all-out. He did that and he looked really good doing that."

Assuming he continues to excel at practice and remains healthy, Thompson, like Cosby, will soon be free of restrictions.


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