Kings' Tristan Thompson No Fan Of Inspirational Speeches

Raise your hand if you knew Tristan Thompson was still in the NBA. Ok, raise your hand if you know who Tristan Thompson is. Tristan who? You know, the guy who averaged fewer than 10 points per game with the Cavs but made a boatload of money because he’s boys with LeBron? Still no? Ok. Let’s give it another try – he’s Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy. I knew you’d know that one. Now that that’s out of the way – that guy made it clear this week that he likes rah-rah speeches about as much as Kardashians like flying commercial.

“I don’t need no f—king coach to inspire me,” Thompson told reporters following Wednesday night’s loss to Minnesota.

Thompson’s in the midst of a career worst year, averaging roughly five points and six boards a game in his first year with Sacramento. Wednesday’s loss dropped the Kings to 6-9 on the season and had media members asking Thompson whether the coaching staff needs to take a more vocal approach to inspire the reeling team.

“No man in this world should rely on another man to inspire him,” Thompson dead-panned following the loss to the T-Wolves. “Me personally…no one should ever need a coach to inspire you. If you don’t get inspired in the game, then you shouldn’t be on the court. Losing teams. Losing players. You need to get inspiration from your coach, and I’m not with that s---. My teammates aren’t with it.”

Note to Kings coach Luke Walton: scrap the plans to air Rudy on the next team flight and cancel that mid-season pregame speech planned for Tony Robbins.

But don’t get it twisted, Thompson’s sour attitude towards motivation has nothing to do with his coach, a movie or anything else.

“It’s not about Coach Walton inspiring you. This is not no frickin' Glory Road s---. No. You gotta be ready to play. Your number’s called, you in the damn game. I don’t need no f—kin' coach to inspire me,” added Thompson.

“Never that. Never have, never will.”

In an effort to avoid any confusion about his intentions, Thompson continued his post-game media session by saying: “The day I need a coach to inspire me is the day I’m f—king retiring.”

The 30-year-old veteran might not be as entertaining on the court as he was during his prime years in Cleveland, but he sure is attention worthy when in front of a camera and microphone.

Maybe that’s all the inspiration he needs.



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