Kings Rookie ‘Amazed’ After Being Tasked With Guarding Steph Curry

Attempting to defend Steph Curry is akin to a rookie dad watching their newborn solo for the first time. You do what you can to avoid disaster, end up getting a few things right, and usually ask yourself “where did that come from,” all while frantically checking over your shoulder to see when helps is on the way. Kings rookie Davion Mitchell knows that feeling all too well.

“He got me, I’m not going to lie,” Mitchell said of the first meeting between the he and Curry, per NBC Sports Bayarea.

Curry gave Mitchell, who didn't play in Monday night's rematch due to the league's health and safety protocols, the dirty diaper treatment in late October when the Kings hosted Steph’s Warriors. But it wasn’t Curry’s sharp shooting that had Mitchell channeling America’s dad, Clark W. Griswold Jr, (likely) proclaiming: “Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where's the Tylenol?” It was his ball handling.

“Stephen Curry did cross me up when we played them and I was like ‘oh yeah, this is Stephen Curry’,” said Mitchell via Kings Central. “I knew he had handles, but I didn’t know he had that much handles.”

Steph, who last week became the NBA’s all-time leader in made 3-pointers, finished his first meeting with Mitchell by totaling a game-high 27 points in a Warriors win. Even the L couldn’t pacify Mitchell’s excitement for going toe-to-toe with NBA royalty. “…For me, guarding him was an amazing feeling,” Mitchel told NBC Sports Bayarea. Even though we lost, it was just an amazing feeling to guard Stephen Curry.”

Kids say the darndest things.


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