James 'Olive' Harden Memes, Kevin Harlan Calling The NBA In His Basement & Ohio Cop Chases A Pig

Is Ohio State that much better than USC?

I know you guys think I'm a huge Ohio State homer and would never dare say a bad word against my Buckeyes. Truth be told, Ohio State fans tend to hate me for actually being fair and balanced. So let's get down to business here. I'll say it again: The only reason Ohio State is fourth in the current College Football Playoff is because Ohio State brings a big TV rating.

What do we really know about this Ohio State team? They have a great college quarterback. They have average running backs. They have above-average wide receivers who will likely make a bunch of money in the NFL. The secondary isn't very good, and the rest of the defense hasn't really been challenged. Yet there are the Buckeyes, not moving from No. 4. And there is USC at No. 13. Both teams are 5-0. Other than the QB position, and Kedon Slovis isn't some hack (70% comp, very similar stats to Penix Jr.), USC is pretty much Ohio State this year. Do either of these teams deserve to be in the Final Four? No. Would both teams beat Iowa State? Yes. Would they beat Coastal? I'd have to say yes, again.

If you haven't already, is it time to start believing me when I say the Final Four is purely a money play? Yes. You'll feel much better when you come to terms that this is going to happen year after year after year.

• Good luck to those driving I-80 from I-81 through the Delaware Water Gap. You're going to need it with the snow that's coming in today. I lived in that region through some massive snowstorms (2003 & 2005), and it sounds like this is going to be another one.

• The Times Square ball will be dropped on New Year's with no spectators for the first time since 1907. It sounds like they had some sort of event during the Spanish Flu in 1918. I'm too busy to dig into the New York Times archives to see how people popped bottles in '18.

• Duke could lose at Notre Dame tonight and drop out of next week's Top 25. Someone let me know the last time both Duke and Kentucky weren't in the Top 25.

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