James Harden Will Miss All-Star Game With Sore Hamstring

A few days after Kevin Durant and LeBron James trolled James Harden by picking the former MVP last in the All-Star draft, Harden has been ruled out of the All-Star Game with a sore left hamstring. Some on Twitter are saying it's a bad look for KD, King James, and Sir Charles for making fun of an ailing James Harden live on TNT, but many are saying he was bullied out of playing.

We can't pinpoint what's really going on, even if hurt feelings align with James Harden's erratic conflict resolution. Now Team LeBron James will have to replace Harden, and the replacement is expected to be announced some time in the next 24 hours.

It's clear on that broadcast that Kevin Durant and LeBron James are losing respect for James Harden. Perhaps they won't say that directly, but anyone who watches basketball knows James Harden shouldn't have been drafted last -- as much as that made us all smile with his putrid style of play. KD and LeBron, most importantly, know that we understand James Harden isn't going last in any All-Star draft. That's what makes this whole thing hilarious. And Durant didn't even crack a smile doing it. Watch:

Reports are now saying Harden will join the Philadelphia 76ers some time "shortly after the break."

What do you guys think? Is James Harden really hurt, or does he just want to ditch the fact that he may have faked a hamstring injury to force his way out of Brooklyn? Knowing Harden and his track record, we can't rule it out.