Ime Udoka's Celtics Staffer Mistress Reportedly Handled Travel Arrangements For Boston Head Coach's Fiancé While Having Affair

Ime Udoka's fiancé had help planning her move to Boston, but she probably didn't know who was helping her. According to TMZ, the Celtics employee with whom the head coach had an affair was in charge of all of his — and her — travel arrangements.

Nia Long, who was (and is?) engaged to Udoka, recently packed up her things and made the permanent move to Massachusetts with the couple's 10-year-old son Kez. They did so just over two weeks ago.

A staff member with the organization helped her throughout the process, as she had many times before. Prior to the move, Long would travel back and forth to Boston for home games and often to road games.

She would attend as many games as possible and the team would help with booking flights, cars, hotels, etc. It was one less thing to have on her plate that the Celtics could handle for her.

Assisting her travels along the way was the same staffer who helped her husband make all of his travel arrangements. While that is commonplace for most, if not all professional sports organizations, the head coach's relationship with the staffer is not.

The same Boston Celtics staffer that helped book Ime Udoka's and Nia Long's travel was also having an affair with the coach.

The staffer's name has not yet been released publicly. However, per TMZ, Long has been told who she is and, of course, is very familiar with her from their communication about travel.

As things currently stand, Udoka has been suspended by the team for the entire 2022-23 season. The decision came after what the Celtics said was a months-long investigation. It is unclear as to what will happen with the staffer, though the team is currently deliberating, and it is unclear as to what will happen with Long and Udoka's relationship.

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