Hornets Interview Frank Vogel, Proving Again That NBA Is Land Of Many Opportunities

In the NBA, and pro sports in general, there is always another job. If you've been a head coach once, odds are you can be again.

That is the case for Frank Vogel, who has interviewed for the Charlotte Hornets' coaching vacancy, as relayed by Hoops Wire. Vogel, 48, was just recently fired after the Los Angeles Lakers became this season's biggest NBA flop.

The Hornets are owned by NBA legend Michael Jordan and fired James Borrego after three seasons. This despite the fact they improved by 10 wins in each of the final two years under Borrego.

So as you can see, there is no rhyme or reason as to why coaches are fired, hired or simply kept. That's can be bad news for guys who have a job, but great news for guys like Vogel, who are seeking their next opportunity.

Anyway, Vogel was hardly solely to blame for the Lakers failing to make the playoffs. LeBron James is getting up there in age, Anthony Davis may be the most injury-prone All-Star in modern NBA history, and Russell Westbrook was a terrible fit. That left Vogel with a bunch of guys who may or may not be decent eighth or ninth men on a winning team.

If he lands the Hornets job, he actually may be inheriting a better roster. It would definitely be younger.

Vogel isn't the only one who has interviewed in Charlotte, of course. Former Houston Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni and former Brooklyn Nets coach Kenny Atkinson have also reportedly spoken to the team. D'Antoni served as a "coaching advisor" with the New Orleans Pelicans this past season, and Atkinson as an assistant under Tyronn Lue with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Eventually, the Hornets will pick from their group of candidates, and whoever doesn't get the gig can take solace in knowing there is another job. This is, after all, the NBA.

Vogel has compiled a 431-389 record in 11 seasons with the Pacers, Magic and Lakers overall.

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