He’s Lovin' It: Timberwolves Star Anthony Edwards Uses Presser To Order McDonald's

McDonald's appears to have a new superstar spokesperson, and they didn't even have to pay him. The second-year guard of the Minnesota Timberwolves Anthony Edwards unintentionally used his post-game Zoom session with the media to pump up the Golden Arches.

Edwards also dropped a couple clues as to what dollar menu items might be fueling his breakout sophomore season.

"Hold on y'all, don't ask no questions yet. I'm trying to put an order in," the always entertaining Edwards said to reporters as he thumbed away at his cell phone.

Edwards' opening request prompted one of the media members to ask him where he's ordering from. The first pick of the 2020 draft responded, "McDonald's."

Where else?

His response immediately generated the all too familiar type of laughter that is so common amongst media whenever an athlete or coach says something that might be considered even the tiniest bit funny. You know the situation -- an athlete mutters a joke that would kill in a 3rd grade classroom but would otherwise be ignored in a room full of adults. Yet, media members who just finished sucking down their third complimentary Dr. Pepper buckle with laughter as though Chappelle just delivered a one-liner worthy of an HBO special.

Moments later, head still buried in his phone and stomach likely growling after a 25-point, three-rebound evening, Edwards may have revealed what he eats to fuel his performances. This season, he's averaging more than 22 points per night.

"Hold on, hold on. I got one more thing (to order), McChickens," said Edwards. He then spoke the remainder of his order out loud: "Customize, no ice."

Interesting. He apparently thinks that ice takes up too much room in the cup, so he's keeping his beverage neat. Can't say I saw that one coming.

The McChickens on the other hand...hell yeah. Crispy chicken, lettuce and mayo, all for the low, low price of $1 and 400 calories. Where you gonna find a better bang for your buck? Clearly the 20-year-old is wise beyond his years.

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