Gordon Hayward Out With Hand Fracture

Charlotte Hornets forward Gordon Hayward is now expected to miss time because of a fracture in his right hand. Michael Jordan, who owns the team, was hoping for a great start to 2021, and this injury could certainly jeopardize his plans. Honestly, MJ just can't get a break, or at least, not the right kind.

Hayward suffered an avulsion fracture that, according to healthline.com, takes eight weeks to heal with rest. The injury often occurs when a basketball strikes the finger tip, pulling a small tip of the bone away from the ligament. No details have been released, so how Howard's injury occurred is strictly speculation.

However it happened, it could be catastrophic for the Charlotte Hornets, and more importantly for the development of third overall pick LaMelo Ball. He's shown a lot of talent in the preseason, but Hayward's absence will force the rookie to carry the load.

All the pressure will now be on LaMelo Ball as Gordon Hayward and his four-year, $120 million deal won't be much help for awhile.

UPDATE: The Charlotte Hornets have listed Gordon Hayward as "Day to day", so there's some good news. Unfortunately for Hornets fans, Hayward hasn't always made life this simple. We wish him a speedy recovery.