Giannis Jokingly Requests Trade In Postgame Press Conference

The last twenty-four hours have been a revelatory moment for fans of the NBA that doubted Giannis Antetokounmpo's potential as the new face of the Association, taking the title from the long-serving LeBron James.

Boasting a humility and will power capable of leading an NBA franchise that has been convalescing for nearly five decades, the Greek Freak's expansive arsenal of appeal also includes being able to throw some jests at the media — with special attention to those that speculated he would leave the team for a contender like Golden State or the Los Angeles Lakers.

Teasing reporters after his Game 6 victory en route to closing out the NBA Finals, 4-2, against the Phoenix Suns, Giannis finally demanded the trade that the media's been waiting for, while still leaving less to the imagination as to where Giannis will be playing for upcoming season(s).

A frequently featured name in trade talks — or deemed the next superstar to leave town — Giannis has been patient with the process rather than "cutting corners" by forming a super team, per the new era's style. The decision to extend with Milwaukee in 2020 left fans wondering if trying to revive the franchise back to a title since '71 would pay off for the superstar.

While the definition of the championship Milwaukee Bucks is leading some fans to consider their team a "super team" by definition of hefty contracts given to forward Khris Middleton or guard Jrue Holiday, the outcome of the 2021 Finals signals the beginning of a promising legacy for the 2x NBA MVP.

Looking to establish his team and coach Mike Budenholzer as mainstays in the NBA playoffs year after year, Giannis' star quality in the league has a trajectory aiming over the moon after Tuesday night's win in Milwaukee.


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