For Kyrie Irving, Retirement Sounds Better Than Playing Elsewhere

Kyrie Irving, arguably the country's most well known flat-earther, has no interest in leaving the crowded streets of Brooklyn. The dynamic point guard's name has been tossed into just enough offseason trade rumors to provide morning debate shows a front row seat at the Hot Take Cafe. Should a trade come to fruition, someone's going to be left disappointed -- since Irving would reportedly retire before he'd ever pack his bags.


Fox Sports' Nick Wright tweeted yesterday that "Kyrie's agents have made it known that Kyrie would simply retire from the NBA if Brooklyn were to trade him."

Where there's smoke there's usually fire, or at least a flat-earther. Few would be surprised to learn that Brooklyn was gauging interest in Irving from across the league. Despite career averages of 23 points and six dimes a game, Irving's frequent trips to the injured list make Anthony Davis seem healthy. Since entering the league in 2012, Irving's missed more than 200 games and never fewer than 10 in any one season.

Injuries aside, Irving comes with more baggage than a G6 full of Kardashians. When he's not questioning the shape of the planet, he's boycotting the media, taking extended absences from the team, popping up on district attorney Zoom calls and dismissing the importance of his head coach.

Teamed with mega-stars Kevin Durant and James Harden in Brooklyn, Irving and the Nets reign supreme as the NBA's most explosive roster, on and off the court. Unless the Nets' front office has budgeted a retirement party for Irving, don't expect that to change anytime soon.