Fans Must Be Fully Vaxxed To Attend Brooklyn Nets Games

In accordance with COVID vaccine mandates set forth by Mayor Bill de Blasio in New York City, the Brooklyn Nets have decided that their public relations department supersedes all medical freedoms historically set forth by this country, and thus will be requiring to see your vaccine papers upon entry.

Beginning Monday, September 13, individuals ages 12 and up will be required to show proof of at least one vaccine dose in order to enter the Barclays Center. Considering that vaccine hesitancy is most predominant amongst the oft-patronized and exploited African-American and Hispanic communities, communities which undoubtedly make up a large portion of urban NBA fans, it will be interesting to watch progressive fascists try to wriggle out of their own racist, lecherous web.

The team claims to be mandating paperwork proof in order to satisfy the concerns of fans.

It's a bold strategy, Cotton: bending the knee to rich white progressives in one breath, while simultaneously landing that knee squarely on the heads of underprivileged black and brown basketball fans, who are just trying to make independent health choices, in the next breath. Let’s see if it pays off.

You can visit the Barclays Center FAQ page if you’d like the true white power perspective on the matter.