ESPN's Richard Jefferson Roasts Former NBA Champ Kendrick Perkins

Lost in the hubbub of the NBA's All-Star weekend was a roast of former Celtics big man Kendrick Perkins, courtesy of his current ESPN teammate, Richard Jefferson.

The comedy commenced last Friday evening during the celebrity All-Star Game in Cleveland, where Jefferson and Perkins served as game analysts and crowd pleasers via ESPN's broadcast. With just over five minutes remaining in the exhibition, lead broadcaster Cassidy Hubbarth asked Perkins a question that ignited his roast.

"When was the last time you played?" Hubbarth asked the retired Perkins.

Before "Big Perk," who's been retired since the summer of 2018, could respond, Jefferson jumped in.

"Two years before he retired," shouted Jefferson, leaving all three broadcasters buckling over in laughter.

Jefferson and Perkins are longtime friends and former champions (Jefferson won a title in Cleveland and Perkins with Boston), and both cracked up at the suggestion that Perkins rarely saw the court as he neared retirement.

What's so funny about Jefferson's comment is that it's not far from the truth. Over his final three NBA seasons, Perkins played just 55 games, totaling only 724 minutes of game action.

Two days later, as All-Star weekend was nearing a close, Jefferson continued his comedic assault on the hefty Perkins. Jefferson recorded, then posted to his social media, a video of Perkins treating himself to a calorie-filled donut.

"Get out of them donuts," Jefferson can be heard playfully shouting towards Perkins. "Get your ass out of the donuts."

After Jefferson knocked the donut from Perkins' grasp, the donut hit the floor, prompting Perkins to quickly snatch the sweet treat and respond, "Bro, five second rule. Bro, listen. I can have a donut. I've been here since 7:30. This is Krispy Kreme. And then look, this is my cheat day."

Big thanks to the duo of RJ and Perk for providing NBA fans something to laugh at other than the dunk contest.



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