Doc Rivers Frantically Defends His Job Following Game 6's Loss

After another disappointing postseason for the 76ers, Doc Rivers has become a full-time defender of his owner career. He even challenged us writers to "write about it," if we don't think he's a good coach. Can't say we hate the job he's doing, but we can point out his flaws.

"I don't worry about my job, I think I do a terrific job," Rivers said after the 76ers' 99-90 loss to the Heat. "If you don't, you should write it because I've worked my butt off to get this team here. When I first got here no one picked us to get here and again this year...same thing. If that's how anyone feels I'm going to feel secure about it."

Rivers was then asked if he should lose his job. Tough question to ask fresh off a loss -- it's Philly. What did he expect?

"Anytime you're wrong should you lose your job? No, so it's the same thing. If you believe that then go with it. I knew what I did this year." As much as Doc Rivers probably thinks this interview comes across as stern or putting his foot down to the fails to deliver.

Doc Rivers seems insecure with his status as time rolls on and it's not out the question for the 76ers to use him as a scapegoat after falling short on the Embiid/Harden experiment. Of course, James Harden was a shell of his former self in Philadelphia being held scoreless in the second half of tonight's eliminating loss. You can't exactly point the finger at the head coach when a player that considers himself to be a star turns into a lemon. That said, Doc Rivers always knew he would be judged based off the end results with the 76ers, and they fell short. Fair not, that's the job.

Will Doc Rivers lose his job and potentially end up with LeBron in L.A.? The possibilities are endless in the NBA these days.

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