Devin Booker, Certified Tough Guy, Calls Out Laker For Constant Cheap Shots

Patrick Beverley — Lakers guard and one the NBA's last true enforcers — got his hands dirty Tuesday night against the Phoenix Suns when one of his guys was on the receiving end of a hard foul.

After Suns guard Devin Booker got a flagrant foul on Lakers' Austin Reaves, Phoenix big man Deandre Ayton decided to stand over Reaves before getting shoved in the back by Pat Bev.

While the shove in the back had its risks, it was refreshing to watch the downtrodden Lakers show some force against a fairly cocky Suns team.


Booker was called for a flagrant foul and Beverley got to go home early as a result of his emphatic shove on Ayton.

After the game, it was Booker who was calling out Beverley's foul play.

"Pat's gotta stop pushing people in the back; push 'em in the chest," Booker said in the postgame interview.

Since Twitter always keeps receipts on deck, Booker was soon called out for committing a similar shove in the back against the Lakers' Dennis Schröder.

This was ultimately what Lakers fans wanted to see with bringing a guy like Beverley on the team. Someone who can get up and punch back, figuratively speaking. For a squad like the Lakers that hasn't played like an actual team since 2020, Beverley's drive is welcomed.

Booker has a penchant for starting beefs on the court. While his call for Bev to avoid cheap shots rings true, the Suns guard is more than likely just trying to act tough.

Few things are as menacing as a guy that appears in Sweetgreen commercials.