Daryl Morey Leaving Houston Rockets

Daryl Morey is stepping down from his role as Houston Rockets general manager, Adrian Wojnarowski reports for ESPN.

Morey had been the GM of the team since 2007. He was an early adopter of analytics and salary cap shenanigans in the NBA. He also made international news when he tweeted in favor of Hong Kong protestors. His tweet triggered a year-long period in which NBA games were pulled from state-run CCTV in China, and the NBA relationship with China became heavily scrutinized in America.

The closest Morey's Rockets came to ultimate glory was 2018. The Rockets led the Warriors 54-43 at halftime of the Western Conference Finals but then missed dozens of three-pointers in the second half.

As for what's next for Morey, Woj says that he might explore opportunities away from basketball, but that the door would be open for him to return to the NBA eventually .

For the Rockets, they also now have a head coaching vacancy. Jeff Van Gundy is one candidate. Rafael Stone is being promoted from within to be the team's new general manager.