Damian Lillard Has 'Campaigned' The Blazers To Trade For Draymond Green

A couple months after saying he had no intentions on leaving Portland, Damian Lillard now wants the Blazers to trade for Warriors' power forward Draymond Green.

According to Twitter, Draymond Green "sucks" and "mooches his success off the splash brothers". So much for that.

The Blazers' matchup Sunday with Golden State had Draymond's name written all over it, as he was an absolute menace on the defense end.

Green isn't the scorer Portland has been looking for, but Dame still wants him? Why is that? Well, Green has been the "glue guy" in Golden State since their first title run in 2015. Easy to say that Steph and Klay carry the scoring, so they don't need Drayond's single-digit offensive performances, and you would be right.

What the Warriors (and Blazers) can use is his ability to play-make on the break and be a pest defensively.

Draymond Green will never get the credit he deserves in the NBA, yet the players seem to get it. Damian Lillard clearly believes that if Green was the "glue guy" for a Dame-McCollum duo, they would be much closer to an NBA championship.