Clay Travis Asks New Billionaire LeBron James If USA Is Still Systematically 'Racist'

On Thursday, the sports media bowed to LeBron James' newfound status as a billionaire athlete.

OutKick founder Clay Travis extended his congratulations but left scratching his head by LeBron's longstanding platform that identifies America as systematically "racist."

Well, with a billion dollars in his savings account, does LeBron still think the U.S.A. is out to get him over his race?

Clay delivered his thoughts.

"Congrats to LeBron James on becoming a billionaire as he approaches his 38th birthday. It's amazing that this could happen in a country that LeBron James believes is so thoroughly racist," Clay said on Thursday's OutKick the Show.


"I would like to know, will LeBron James finally admit that the racial slur that supposedly was sprayed across his Brentwood mansion gate was a totally made-up lie?" Clay asked.

Clay recounted a story from 2017 when LeBron James' $21 million mansion was allegedly vandalized, with a spray-painted racial slur left behind.

Some called it a hoax while LeBron called it an act of racism. No evidence of a hate crime was found.

"he LA police department investigated it, found no basis to it, and everyone decided to treat LeBron like a victim. ... In honor of you becoming a billionaire, I would ask LeBron: will you finally admit that that entire story was made-up? Evidence all reflects that it likely was."

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